Bench/Table Douglas

New week!! For most of us it is Holiday Time, but the weather does not really cooperate with this week off....... So, (if you are not on a holiday) why not take a look at your garden and prepare it for the summer?

A couple of weeks ago we got a question from a costumer who wanted a table for her garden, with the design from a table we had in a previous collection..(see below)

This table is made from a rare pile of wood that was used as floor beams in an old church....unfortunately sold out but the design still stands. So we decided to build a new table with the same design but from a different type of wood and we fell for Douglas.

This wood is suitable for in- and outside use and is both heavy and strong. The design is made for multiple purposes: With some pillows you create a bench on which you can sit and relax outside, but also as a low table. You can place it on a side of your terrace with nice pots and plants for decoration. Why not use it as a low coffee table inside? Or in your hallway for shoes or a nice place for all your favorite decoration items.

The measurements of this Douglas Bench are: Length 2 meters, Width 45 cm, Height 30 cm, but we can also built the benches in your own costumized size. For more information about ordering the bench in different sizes you can send an email to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

*Please note: because of the size and weight this item can only be shipped within The Netherlands and Belgium.

And.... with the code MOODISJARIG you will get a 10% discount on this item up untill April 25th, so grab your chance and enjoy your holiday!




Table Wood

At the end of last year we had a product photo shoot commissioned by VT Wonen. Because it was a series of bedding, we decided to make a nice bed which suited the beautiful cotton duvet covers. We went in search of suitable wood and found a small amount of lovely weathered oak wood from an old church, here on the Island of Texel.

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Easy Mornings

If you follow my blog you probably have noticed that it's been pretty quiet lately. I therefore received several messages and e-mails from followers who asked me if there is something going on, whether I had stopped or if I simply did not feel like it anymore. Fortunately, this is not the case because taking pictures, styling and creating, are things I really like to do. The reason was more that time caught up with me a little. Getting a lot of new products in the webshop, moving our company to a new (really cool) place and more really nice photo styling assignments kept me pretty busy lately.
In the meantime, I've been thinking a lot again how to write new blogs in hope to inspire you again with styling tips, fashion, recipes, and other topics.
Small improvements like starting to the change from the Dutch language to English. The question popped up a number of times from other countries besides The Netherlands. and I therefore decided to go with that so more people are able to read my blog.

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Fotografie & Styling voor VT Wonen

In opdracht van VT wonen deed ik een fotoshoot + styling van de prachtige Vestbjerg Plaids. De plaids zijn gemaakt van lamswol en hoogwaardig katoen en ook belangrijk...Lekker groot en zacht! De foto's staan nu online op, maar ook vindt je ze in de Shopping Guide die je ontvangt bij de VT wonen November van dit jaar.